The Open Group Announces A Unified User Interface Product

Leading the unification of vendors around a common graphical user interface

CAMBRIDGE,Massachusettes (March 6, 1997) - The Open Group, the leading organization for the advancement of open systems, announced today the unifying release of its widely acclaimed Motif graphical user interface (GUI). This release solves user interface development incompatibilities across platforms, shortening application development time and reducing customer support costs.

"The latest release builds on the existing strengths of the Motif GUI to make Motif 2.1 more powerful, flexible and customer focused than ever before," said Dave Lounsbury, vice president of collaborative development. "By providing complete compatibility with The Open Group's Common Desktop Environment (CDE) and the newly- acquired X Window System technology. This release provides portable, reliable, standardized platforms across all three layers of the graphical user environment."

Designed to enhance valuable investment in software and customer training, the latest release of Motif provides new features including support for multi-threading, simplified printing in applications and state-of-the-art internationalization with vertical text writing, "on- the-spot" input and user-defined characters for Asian languages. Additional technical enhancements make Motif a robust and easy-to-use option for system programmers and software developers.

For customers, Motif 2.1 provides a way to leverage their investments in existing systems, applications and training. Specifically, it offers users the ability to select interfaces compatible with the ones they currently use and to specify one standard interface for the future. Additionally, Motif allows software vendors and other application developers to port applications across a variety of single and multi-user hardware platforms and build custom graphical objects ("widgets") quickly, easily and with reduced server overhead. Finally, for system vendors, Motif 2.1 provides GUI compatibility with more than 200 different platforms, allowing vendors to unify the appearance and behavior of applications on all the platforms they supply.

Motif 2.1 builds on the earlier versions of Motif to provide a number of key benefits and features, including:

Motif, the industry standard graphical user interface, as defined by the IEEE 1295 specification, is used on more than 200 hardware and software platforms. By providing application portability across a variety of platforms, the Motif environment helps protect valuable investments in software and user training. The standard GUI also provides applications with interoperability and scalability. Motif is the base graphical user interface toolkit for the Common Desktop Environment (CDE), which provides a single, standard graphical desktop and desktop tool set for all platforms that support the X Window System.

The price of a full-distribution source code license for Motif 2.1 is $17,000 . An upgrade from a full- distribution Motif 2.0 license is $2000; from a full- distribution Motif 1.2 license, $9000.

Industry project sponsors for release of Motif 2.1 include Digital Equipment Corporation, Fujitsu, Hewlett- Packard, Hitachi, IBM, SCO, Silicon Graphics and SunSoft.

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The Open Group
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