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CTL opens the world for the display and editing of complex languages. CTL provides support in CDE and Motif for composed, context sensitive, and intermixed bi-directional characters.
Users worldwide can interact with applications in their native languages Opens new markets for locale-specific utilization of CDE and Motif Enables ISVs to create plug-in locale modules to meet specific regional needs Conforms to X/Open Portable Layout Services specification

CTL is Available

CTL is now available for purchase from The Open Group. See the press release for more information. Or for information about ordering CTL go to the ordering section of these web pages.

What is CTL?

The Open Group's Complex Text Layout (CTL) pre-structured technology (PST) project integrates the display and editing of complex text languages (e.g. Hebrew, Arabic, Thai, Korean) into the CDE/Motif environment, based on an implementation of the X/Open Portable Layout Services specification. CTL will provide support for composed, context sensitive and intermixed bi-directional characters.

CTL is an implementation of the X/Open Portable Layout Services API with an architecture supporting pluggable locale-specific modules (and LO_LTYPE definitions) for some set of locales.

The CTL PST was sponsored by SunSoft; Silicon Graphics, Inc.; IBM; and Digital Equipment Corporation

The focus areas of the CTL are:

  • CDE now has a single framework to support languages such as Arabic, Thai, and Hebrew.
  • Vendors can easily share support of the Open Group's CTL language-specific implementation provide by other ISVs.
  • The framework will be compliant with future XPG specifications.

Support for Complex Text Layout (CTL) will allow localized software solutions to be provided for where CTL based solutions are the defacto standard and a requirement for doing business (e.g; Middle East, Thailand, North Africa). Significant time-to-market leverage exists for users of Motif with CTL support embedded in it.

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