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Re: Year 2000

Dear Customer:

The Open Group has completed a review of Motif (OSF/Motif) and the X Window System with regard to Year 2000 issues, and has determined that Motif (versions 1.0 through 2.1) and X Window System (X11 Releases 5 through 6.4) source code, as provided directly by The Open Group (or, previously provided by Open Software Foundation, Inc.; or X Consortium in the case of X Window System) does not contain any date-dependent source code. The arrival of the year 2000 should have no effect on the operation of Motif or X Window System source code.

Please note, however, that Motif & X Window System object code or applications, or derivative works thereof, which would have been provided to you by a third party, are not covered by the above statement. You are hereby referred to your supplier for statements regarding Year 2000 issues for such third-party products.

Very truly yours,

The Open Group

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