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FTP Sites Providing X11 Release 6

North America anonymous FTP:

Location		    Address		  Directory
--------		    -------		  ---------

Cambridge, MA      
Digital Equipment Corp.     []        /pub/X11/R6 
Cambridge Research Laboratory                     /pub/X11/contrib

Cambridge, MA                  /pub/R6
The Open Group              [        /contrib
( is a faster site for FTP)

Newton, MA                 /R6
MARCAM Corporation          []       /R6/contrib

New York City, NY    /archives/X11R6/R6
Columbia University         []         /archives/X11R6/contrib
Computer Science Dept

Buffalo New York    /pub/R6
University at Buffalo       []         /pub/R6

Washington DC              /pub/X11/R6
Digital Express Group, Inc. []     /pub/X11/contrib

Aberdeen Maryland            /pub/X11/R6
Army Research Laboratory    []        /pub/X11/contrib

Falls Church, VA              /systems/window-sys/X/R6
UUNET Technologies, Inc     []         /systems/window-sys/X/contrib

Durham, NC                  /pub/X11R6
Duke University             []

Oak Ridge, Tenn        /unix/X11R6
Oak Ridge National Lab      []     /unix/X11R6/contrib 
(Limited access host)

Ann Arbor, MI              /pub/dist/X/X11R6
Merit Network, Inc.         []

Houston, TX              /pub/X11
Neosoft Inc.                []

West Lafayette, Indiana     /pub/X11/R6
Purdue University           []          /pub/X11/R6
Dept of Computer Sciences

Columbus, Ohio     /pub/X.V11R6/R6
The Ohio State University   []        /pub/X.V11R6/R6-contrib
Dept of Computer and Information Science

Albuquerque New Mexico    /usr/ftp/pub/dist/X/X11R6
Khoros Group UNM            []       /usr/ftp/pub/dist/X/X11

Palo Alto, California    /pub/X11/R6
Digital Equipment Corp      []            /pub/X11/contrib


Europe anonymous FTP:

Location Address Directory -------- ------- --------- Vienna, Austria /pub/x11/x11r6 EUnet Austria [] /pub/x11/x11r6/contrib Leuven, Belgium /pub/R6 EUnet Belgium [] /contrib Zagreb, Croatia /pub/X11/R6 Faculty of Electrical [] /pub/X11/contrib Engineering, Dept of Electronics Prague, Czech Republic /pub/x11/R6 EUnet Czechia [] /pub/x11/R6/contrib Copenhagen, Denmark /pub/X11/X11R6 DENet [] /pub/X11/contrib Copenhagen, Denmark /pub/X11/R6 DKnet / EUnet Denmark [] /pub/X11/contrib Helsinki, Finland /X11R6/release EUnet Finland [] /X11R6/contrib Espoo, Finland /pub/X11/X11R6 [] /pub/X11/contrib France (near Paris) /X/X11R6 INRIA Rocquencourt [] /X/contrib-R6 Paris, France /pub/X11/R6 Institut Blaise Pascal [] /pub/X11/contrib Dortmund, Germany /pub/X11/XConsortium/pub/R6 EUnet Deutschland GmbH [] /pub/X11/XConsortium/contrib Paderborn, Germany /pub/X11/R6 University of Paderborn [] /pub/X11/contrib Budapest, Hungary /pub/X11R6 SZTAKI / EUnet Hungary [] /pub/R6-contrib Dublin, Ireland /pub/R6 IEunet [] /pub/R6/contrib Milano, Italy /pub/R6 DSI, U of Milan [] /export Milano, Italy /X11/X11R6 IUnet NOC [] /X11/contrib Oslo, Norway /pub/X11/R6 EUnet Norway [] /pub/X11/contrib Norway /pub/X11/R6 U. of Trondheim/SINTEF [] /pub/X11/contrib Warsaw, Poland /pub/X11/R6 ICM, Warsaw University [XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX] /pub/X11/contrib Lisbon, Portugal /pub/X11R6 PUUG [] /pub/X11R6/contrib Portuguese UNIX Users Group Moscow, Russia /x11/X11R6 RELCOM/EUnet, KIAE [] /x11/X11R6/contrib Lulea, Sweden /pub/X11/R6 Lulea University [] /pub/X11/contrib of Technology Sweden /pub/X11/R6 Swedish University [] /pub/X11/contrib Computer Network Zurich, Switzerland /archive/software/X11R6 EUnet Switzerland [] /archive/software/X Zurich, Switzerland /mirror/X11/R6 SWITCH - Swiss Academic & [] /mirror/X11/contrib Research Network Amsterdam, The Netherlands /X11/R6 EUnet Europe [] /X11/contrib Amsterdam, The Netherlands /pub/windows/X/R6 NLnet [] /pub/windows/X/contrib Canterbury, Kent, UK /pub/X11R6 EUnet GB [] /pub/X11R6-contrib London, UK /packages/X11R6 SUNsite, Dept of Computing, [] /packages/X11-contrib

East Asia anonymous FTP:

Location Address Directory -------- ------- --------- Hong Kong /pub/X11R6 Computer Science Dept [] /pub/Xcontrib The Chinese University of Hong Kong Pohaang, Republic of Korea /pub/X11/R6 Pohang Univ of Sci & Tech [] /pub/X11/R6contrib Taejon, Republic of Korea /pub/X11/R6 Center for Artificial [] /pub/X11/contrib (not yet operational) Inteligence Research, KAIST Tokyo, Japan /pub/X/X11R6 Internet Initiative Japan [] /pub/X/contrib Fukuoka, Japan /pub/X11R6 Kyushu University [] /pub/contrib Tokyo, Japan /pub/archives/X11/R6 Science University of Tokyo [] /pub/archives/X11/R6contrib Tokyo, Japan /pub/X11R6 The University of Tokyo [] /pub/X11R6-contrib Fujisawa, Japan /X11R6 WIDE Project (Fujisawa) [] /X11R6-contrib Nara, Japan /pub/X11R6 WIDE Project (Nara) [] /pub/X11R6-contrib Tokyo, Japan /pub/unix/R6 Roppongi, Minato-ku [] /pub/unix/R6/contrib Spin project Japan /pub/x11/R6 [] /pub/x11/contrib Spin project Taiwan /X/X11R6 Campus Computer [] /X/contrib Communication Assoc.

Australia anonymous FTP:

Location Address Directory -------- ------- --------- Melbourne, Australia archie.AU /X11/R6 AARNet archive server [] X11/contrib Melbourne, Australia munnari.OZ.AU X.V11/R6 University of Melbourne [] X.V11/contrib

Middle Eastern anonymous FTP:

Jerusalem, Israel / /pub/X11R6 Hebrew University [] Computer Science Dept.

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