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X11R6 Contrib Manifest

This document is a walk-through of the directories of the X11R6 contrib part.

Where programs have provided a top-level .man file, the line that apropos(1) would extract from that file is shown. For other packages, if there is a succinct description of the software near the top of a README file, that is given here.

The descriptions of the software given here are simply how the software describes itself; the X Consortium has not tested that the software performs as described.

We do not claim to have built or tested any of this software. We do not know what hardware (if any) it will work on. All questions regarding contributed software should be directed to the authors, not to the X Consortium.

You will need approximately 175 megabytes of storage to unpack the entire R6 contrib part. See the Release Notes for general guidelines on unpacking the distribution and building contrib software.

Patches to some of this software can usually be found in the directory pub/R6/contrib-fixes on or your local X mirror site, using anonymous FTP. Entirely new versions of some packages may be found in the appropriate subdirectory of contrib on or your local X mirror site.

The X Consortium thanks everyone who contributed software to Release 6. And now the software, directory by directory:


documentation on various items:
CLX                 Common Lisp interface to X
papers/tutorials    various papers, including the FAQ
PHIGS               PHIGS interface to PEX
Xserver             X server internals


Sample programs for Fresco.


extensions/XTrap An extension to X to facilitate user emulation. Trap device input and graphics output to record and playback a user session. extensions/screensaver a hack screen saver extension


8x13-2 8x13 font with ISO Latin 2 encoding ter7x14 terminal emulator 7x14 font ter7x14B terminal emulator 7x14 bold font


lib/AF A device-independent network-transparent system including client applications and audio servers. lib/auis-6.3 The Andrew Messaging System, the Andrew Toolkit. lib/CLX Common Lisp X interface library. lib/DPS Client libraries and utilities for writing applications that use the Display PostScript extension to X. Includes the pswrap preprocessor. lib/IMdkit Input Method server developers kit. lib/nas-1.2 Network Audio System, a network-transparent, client/server audio system. lib/pcthreads POSIX pthreads to MACH cthreads ininterface routines lib/PHIGS 3D graphics library interface to PEX using the PHIGS bindings. lib/tcl An embeddable tool command language. lib/Ximp Xlib internationalization support. lib/xpm-3.4c Support for X Pixmap files.


a2x converts ASCII into X device events AnswerGarden organizational memory program auto_box display a rotating cube using PHIGS beach_ball display a bouncing sphere using PHIGS Canna32 yet another Japanese input system cmodext control modifier extension crock one or two player interactive fighting game ctwm-3.2 Tab Window Manager for the X Window System cxterm Chinese terminal emulator for X Dclock digital clock for X dish Tcl application allowing invocation of Fresco objects dox call Xlib function emu X based extensible terminal emulator fdraw graphics editor supporting instancing and embedding widgets gpc/plbpex picture level benchmark program hterm terminal emulator for X i2mif IDL to FrameMaker Interchange Format, generate docs from IDL ico animate an icosahedron or other polyhedron ImageMagick display and interactive manipulation of images iman development toolkit, window manager, and help server ixx IDL compiler, generates C++ kgames a collection of games, and some useful widgets kinput2 an input server for easy input of Japanese text kterm-6.1.0 kanji terminal emulator for X listres list resources in widgets MacFS font server for Macintosh maze demo repeatedly creating and solving a random maze mazewar distributed rats in a maze mterm terminal emulator for X ora-examples O'Reilly and Associates examples pixmap Xpm pixmap editor for X pubdic+ dictionary for kana-to-kanji conversion puzzle 15-puzzle game for X rr collection of X11 clients showfont font dumper for X font server sj3 Japanese input system sjxa Japanese Input Method Server for X Window System timex a manager for time lists tkpostage-1.3a fancy mailbox message counter (like xbiff) tvtwm Tom's Virtual Tab Window Manager viewres graphical class browser for Xt xTeXcad.13 a graphic editor for portable LaTeX diagrams xancur-1.6 root cursor animation program for X xbiff mailbox flag for X xboing2.2 An X Window System based blockout clone. V2.2 xbuffy3 yet another biff for the X Window System xcalc scientific calculator for X xcalendar calendar with a notebook for X11 xcmdmenu-1.6 command menu utility for X xcms/col2rgb convert colors to RGB:0/0/0 or RGB.TXT format xco display X11 color names and colors xcolorize start X client with pleasant background color xcolors display all X11 color names and colors xdaliclock-2.03 melting digital clock xdiary interactive daily diary and calendar for X xditview display ditroff output xdu display the output of "du" in an X window xdvi program for previewing .dvi files xdvorak Dvorak keyboard layout for X11. xearth-0.92 shaded image of the Earth in the root window xed a text editor for X xedit simple text editor for X xev print contents of X events xexit-1.0 terminate all clients of a X session and exit xeyes a follow the mouse X demo xfed font editor for X Window System BDF font files xfedor bdf/xbm/xpm/mouse editor xfeoak Japanese Language Input Server xfontsel point and click selection of X11 font names xgas animated simulation of an ideal gas xgc X graphics demo xkeycaps-2.22 graphically display and edit the X keyboard mapping xlax X window system program to send keyboard input to multiple windows xlbiff mailbox message previewer for X xless-1.6.1 File browsing program for the X Window System. xload system load average display for X xmailbox mailbox checker for X using XPM icons xman Manual page display program for the X Window System xmandel window based interface to Mandelbrot sets and Julia sets xmessage display a message or query in a window (X-based /bin/echo) xmove pseudoserver to support mobile X11 clients xpd-1.03 process manager for X xpr/xdpr dump an X window directly to a printer xpr print an X window dump xpserv X to PostScript Printing Server xrsh start an X program on a remote machine xrsh/xrlogin start an xterm that uses rlogin or telnet to connect to a remote host xrubik Rubik's cube X widgets xrunclient launch an X client xscreensaver-1.22 run graphics hacks after the user has been idle for a while xsession-1.1 session manager for the X Window System xterm_color diffs to make xterm handle color changes in text youbin-2.2 mail arrival notification service


InsPEX PEX test suite using PHIGS suspex PEX test suite using PEXlib record tests for RECORD extension Xcms Xcms test program Xext tests for some extensions: SHAPE, MIT-SHM, SYNC, Multi-Buffering, XTEST Xi tests for X Input Extension


att-nameserver old name server for SVR3 network software PHIGS convert previous version of PHIGS to ISO standard version


Software that requires Motif. Motif is not free software and is not available from the X Consortium. mgdiff Motif-based graphical file difference browser pixedit pixel color editor for X/Motif pixedit/cpicker colormap editor for X/Motif winterp Widget INTERPreter, an application development environment xmphone while you were out phone message pad

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