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X Newsgroups and Mailing Lists


The following newsgroups exist for the discussion of issues related to the X Window System:
This newsgroup is gatewayed to the xpert mailing list.
This group is moderated by the staff of X Consortium, Inc.
Traffic is limited to major X announcements, such as the following:
Public Review of a proposed X Consortium standard
Adoption of a new X Consortium standard
A new release from the X Consortium
Patches from the X Consortium
Upcoming public X conferences, exhibitions, or meetings
A new release of a major public toolkit or application that is freely available and redistributable
Media distribution of software that is otherwise available via anonymous ftp provided the charge is reasonable
A major patch or modification to X software
The moderator will reject messages on these subjects:
Advertisements for commercial products or services
Announcement for minor patches or modifications to software
Questions about anything
Crippled or time-bombed versions of commercial software
There is a two-way gateway between and the mailing list Messages appearing here will also appear on the mailing list (but NOT on the newsgroup

It is intended that traffic will be low enough that everyone with any interest in X will subscribe.

Moderator: X Consortium staff

Mailing Lists

The following public mailing lists are maintained by the X Consortium for the discussion of issues related the the X Window System. All are hosted To subscribe to one of these mailing lists, send mail to the request address specified by adding -request to the name of the desired list. For example, to add yourself to the xpert mailing list:
	Subject: (none needed)

To unsubscribe:
	Subject: (none needed)

To add an address to a specific list, or to add a specific user, you can specify options to the subscribe or unsubscribe command. This example adds to the xpert mailing list:
	Subject: (none needed)

	subscribe xpert

List of Lists

This is a moderated mailing list for announcing releases of non-commercial X related software, and other issue concerning the X Window System.

This mailing list is gatewayed to the newsgroup

Subscription requests should be sent to

The policy for this list is given in the description of the newsgroup, above.

This list is gatewayed to the newsgroup

Subscription requests should be sent to

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