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  Plato Web Infrastructure FAQ -- "Plato Cache"    

This FAQ is to help explain the optional Cache feature within a Plato web.

What is the Plato Cache ?
The Plato Cache provides the last updated view of a page from a cache and thereby avoids any database lookup transactions for data within a page, this can improve the performance time for delivery of a page significantly.
How do I know whether a page is cached ?
Look at the bottom of the page . If it says "(Clear Cache/Reload? Help)", then the page is cached. Selecting the help icon will explain more about the cache.
How can I force the Cache to be cleared ?
Selecting Clear Cache/Reload on the page footer for a protected page will cause the cache to be cleared and the live page from the database to be displayed.
How does the cache work ?
This version caches the main information pages within a Plato site. Updating a page, or other actions which causes pages to change will invalidate the copy in the cache, in which case the live page from the database will be returned until the cache is next updated. The cache will normally be refreshed automatically every 10 minutes, after which the newly cached copy will again be returned in response to web page reads.
Why is the Maintenance Pages Link not visible ?
Since the cache daemon is not in the maintainers group, you need to Clear Cache/Reload in order to make the Maintenance Pages link in the navigation bar visible for a given page.
Why is the summary latest Mail achive pane modified ?
Since the cache daemon is not a real person subscribed to any mailing lists it is unable to cache a view of lists that are not open lists. In the place of the archive fragment a link to the mailing list information page is provided, from where the mail archives are available.
Is my Plato site suitable for caching ?
The most suitable Plato sites for full caching are those setup with separate public and protected levels. Limited caching can be setup for other site configurations.
How can I request my Plato Site be cached ?
Send a request to plato-setup at








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