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A Plato web site provides a range of interactive capabilities designed to support the activities of a collaborative project. Logged-in Members are able to use the site as a groupware resource, uploading documents, creating events, contributing news items, and browsing the mail archive. These facilities are subject to a process of continuous evolution, responding to the requirements and ideas of the people using them.

A simple one page layout makes it easy to see news items, events, emails, action items, documents (in all formats) and other information. This page can serve as a project or consortium's home page with links as appropriate to external URLs.

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This document is the Plato User Guide. The intended audience for this document is all users of Plato sites. It should be noted that not all of the facilities described in this user guide are necessarily available for every site. In particular there may be differences in the choice of the access control model for a particular site which reflect the different structures of the collaborative project. Unless there is only one level of access on a plato site, the user, when adding or updating an item, is able to specify which access levels will have visibility of the item.

Please note also that the look and feel of a Plato site may be customized and thus differ from the screenshots in this document.

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