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  Sophocles Mail Manager FAQ -- "Additional Permitted Sender"    

This FAQ is to help explain the Additional Permitted Sender feature within the Sophocles Mail Manager .

What is Additional Permitted Sender for ?
Additional Permitted Sender is a List Maintainer feature that allows additional email addresses to be defined as permitted senders to a mailing list that is not an open list. These email addresses do not receive mail messages posted to the list.
Why is Additional Permitted Sender useful?
This is useful when the Submission Control for a list is set to Closed to posters from a controlling list, or Restricted to subscribers. In such cases if an individual has an additional email address or alias that they wish to post from to the list, the email would be rejected with the reason that the address is not a permitted sender address. It does not apply to open lists, which by their nature allow anyone to post to them.
How do I set the Additional Permitted Senders for a list ?
These can either be defined when a list is created, or when updating a list. The form should be an alias or full email address.
Note that this feature does not expand mail list names so if you include a mail list name as an additional permitted sender, then it will only permit that email address to post only.
Can I set the Additional Permitted Senders for an open list ?
No, it is not a feature for open lists since no posters are stopped from posting.
Can I add additional permitted sender email addresses to a Closed or Restricted List?
Yes, for a list that is closed or restricted you can define additional email addresses that are allowed to send to the list. These email addresses will not receive the email. For a Restricted list this is done by updating the list. If a list is a Closed list you must add the additional permitted senders to the Controlling list, by updating the controlling list.
Can I view or remove Additional Permitted Senders for a List?
Yes, locate the appropriate list, which in the case of a Closed list is the controlling list. Select Show the List, if the list has Additional Permitted Senders, it will state with Additional Permitted Senders under the Submission Control. Select that link and a screen is displayed to allow you to view and if you are the maintainer remove senders.

4 May 2005








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