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Services to Consortia
  Sophocles Mail Manager FAQ -- "Create List"    

This FAQ is to help explain the Create List feature within the Sophocles Mail Manager .

What is Create List for ?
Create List is a List Maintainer feature that allows a new list to be added to the Sophocles database.
What should I check before running Create List ?
Ensure that you are aware of naming conventions for lists. By convention, the name of a new list should relate to the other lists maintained for a group. For example, many of The Open Group lists use the prefix og, flash postings use the prefix fl-, X.Org previously used xorg_.
I received a clash with the List name, what should I do?
If the system prompts with a clash of name, then either: a) the list may already exist and have been entered by another person, or b) there is a genuine clash. In the case of b), you need to select a name such that does not clash. There are no general restrictions on the list names used.
Setting the Web Use field
Some mail-lists are used to control areas of the web-site. If you are unsure as to whether a new or updated mail list should be set to "Email and Web" or "Email only", select "Email only", and then send a note to to request clarification. If you plan to use the mailing list for access control then set it to "Email and Web"
Setting the Protection field
The Protection field determines the accessibility to the mail archive. Controlled implies the mail archive is password protected. Open implies that the mail archive is public with no password protection. In general it is recommended to leave the Protection as Controlled.
Setting the Submission Control field
The default setting is for a list to be restricted to accepting postings from subscribers only. This is needed due to the large volumes of spam around today. This can present some additional problems. See the Submission Control FAQ.
Setting the Status field
It is recommended to leave this field to Normal. Setting it to Frozen will freeze the subscribers list. The Dynamic and Transient settings are for system use.
Setting the Visibility field
This determines whether subscribers can see the list of subscribers. By default the setting is Suppressed for all lists. Setting it to Suppressed will prevent subscribers from viewing the list of subscribers. It can be updated to Visible at any time after the list is created, to allow subscribers to see the name and organization name of other subscribers, if this is required.
Setting the Telephone is Mandatory field
This determines for an Open List whether self-subscribers are required to supply a phone number. The default setting is NO.
Setting the Alert for Open Lists field
This setting is only applicable to Open Lists. If set to Send Alert on Subscription the maintainers of the list are alerted by email when new subscribers join the list.
Setting the Master List field
This allows subscribers of a Master List to have an entitlement to subscribe to this list. When set to None it has no effect. See the Master/Slave List Control FAQ.
Setting the Maintainers Alias field
This is a postmaster only feature. This allows the maintainer to be set for a list. It defaults to the login alias of the maintainer creating the new list.
Setting the Imposing Size Limit field
See the Size Limit Control FAQ.
Setting the Attachment On field
See the Attachment Control FAQ.
Setting the Spam field
See the Spam Control FAQ.

20 Apr 2005








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