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Services to Consortia
  Sophocles Mail Manager FAQ -- "MASTERSLAVELIST"    

This FAQ is to help explain the Master/Slave List control feature within the Sophocles Mail Manager .

What is the Master List control for ?
The Master List control is a List Maintainer feature that allows control over who can automatically subscribe to a Controlled list known as the Slave List. Setting a (slave) list to have a Master List, effectively gives an entitlement to subscribers of the Master List to subscribe to the Slave List with no maintainer or postmaster assistance required.
Where is this used?
This feature is used within the Plato web infrastructure. Once you are a subscriber to a Master List the Mailing Lists screen for the site will identify the Slave Lists that you can subsequently self subscribe to.
How do I create a Master List?
A Master List can be any existing list. No specific setup is required.
How do I create a Slave List?
When creating or updating a list, by selecting a Master List for a list, the created or updated list becomes a Slave List.
Can I undo this feature?
Yes, update the list and set the Master List setting to None.
How do I subscribe to a slave list?
This feature is typically used within the Plato web infrastructure.

3 May 2005








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