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Services to Consortia
  Sophocles Mail Manager FAQ -- "Show Subscriber"    

This FAQ is to help explain the Show Subscriber feature within the Sophocles Mail Manager .

What is Show Subscriber for ?
Show Subscriber is a List Maintainer feature that allows a list of subscribers for a list to be displayed and maintained. Existing subscribers can be removed, flipped for web-only access, new subscribers can be added.
How do I access the Show Subscriber function ?
This function can be entered by selecting the number of subscribers shown on the Start Page for the lists to which you are a maintainer. You may also find and look at other lists, although you may not be allowed to perform some or all of the functions on the list if you are not a maintainer of that list.
How do I export a list of subscribers ?
You may export all the details associated with the list, by selecting the "Export" button. This will email to you a ".CSV" file with all the fields identified. You may automatically load this file into an EXCEL compatible Spreadsheet or an SQL Database.
How do I change a subscriber's status ?
As a maintainer, in this Screen, you may also select users on the list for removal or for change of status. Notice that you may only do one function at a time.
  1. You may select one or more users, and then select the "Remove" button at the bottom of the list to permanently remove users from the mail list.
  2. You may also select one or more users, and then select the "Flip" button to change the status of the user. Users may have Email receipt and Web access controlled by this list, or just Web access controlled by this list.

When a user has Web access only they will be permitted to access any area of the web site that is controlled by this list, however, they will not receive any of the emails sent to this list.

20 Apr 2005








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