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Services to Consortia
  Web Services FAQ -- "INDEX"    

This FAQ is to help explain The Open Group's Web Services .

Introduction to The Open Group's Web Services ?
The Open Group has a number of integrated systems providing web services to meet the various needs of consortia. This infrastructure service provides the foundational systems that enable consortia to establish a presence on the Internet, enable web-based collaboration and communication within a consortium, provide for membership and event management, and for document review. The Open Group's computer systems integrate email and web services employing a relational database system. This provides both internet and intranet capabilities. This set of FAQs attempts to answer frequent questions about The Open Group's web services.
How does The Open Group Web Access control work?
Access control to areas on the web is governed by membership within The Open Group.
What is a Plato Web site?
A Plato web is an example of what is often called Groupware or Web Collaboration software. It is designed so that a group of people, typically in a project or working group, can share items such as email, documents, actions and calendar events, in a controlled area of the web. For more information see the Plato FAQs.
FAQs - General features

25 Apr 2005








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