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Welcome to the HTNG Certification web site

As of April 1, 2017, the HTNG certification system has moved to a manual one.

To See Our Current Certification/Re-Certification Process Steps, please click HERE.

  1. The HTNG Certification program is administered on behalf of the Hotel Technology Next Generation by its designated Certification Authority, The Open Group.
  2. You will be granted a license to use the trademark in connection with your product when your product has met the applicable conformance requirements and you have formally agreed to all the required terms.
  3. The Trademark License Agreement must be fully signed by you and The Open Group in order to have a product certified.
  4. You must enter into a Certification Agreement for each product registration. A certified product is subject to re-certification on a periodic basis as stated in the HTNG Certification Policy [PDF].
  5. All product information supplied to the Certification Authority will be treated as confidential as required by the Certification Agreement.
  6. The Certification Authority may, from time to time, request proof that your product remains in compliance with the requirements outlined in the conformance requirements as per the HTNG Certification Policy [PDF].

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