JETPack - Java Enabled TETware Package


JETPack provides a Java TET environment that permits the development of Java applications with test classes. Once instantiated, these classes can be automatically exercised by the JETPack-provided test case manager, communicating with TET's test case controller using the standard mechanisms. This is accomplished by linking Java applications with the TETware libraries via the Java Native Interface. 

A simple demo suite , jdemo is provided with the distribution.

For more information on the implementation strategy, see the README file in the distribution.

JETpack 1.02 includes support for TET 3.1,3.2 and 3.3 (use TET_FLAGS=-DTET_33 for TET3.3 in the toplevel makefile).


JETPack is made available under the following Software Licence.


Installation instructions are contained in the INSTALL file in the distribution.

If you are using Solaris® see the README.Solaris file in the distribution.


Documentation is included in the distribution. It can also be browsed directly here

Software Download

The current version is JETPack version 1.02. This is available in various formats:

This version was made available in semi-binary form on 11 April 1999. (A semi-binary format is a format wherein some components are compiled and some are in source form. The portions in source form need to be compiled after selecting options on the destination system.) This version can be built with a TET binary distribution.


This is an unsupported software. If you wish to purchase support services please contact Robert Noyes at the Open Group Menlo Park offices.