Open Messaging Interface (O-MI), an Open Group Internet of Things (IoT) Standard


This document specifies the Open Messaging Interface (O-MI), an Open Group Internet of Things (IoT) Standard. It has been developed and approved by The Open Group.

This document is structured as follows:

  • Introduction provides an introduction to the standard and describes conformance requirements, normative references, and terminology.
  • Communication Protocols for the O-MI specifies how O-MI messages are communicated using HTTP POST/GET operations, as well as for WSDL/SOAP-based communication.
  • Messaging Objects provides detailed specifications for the usage, attributes, and elements of the basic O-MI operations read, write, and cancel, as well as for response messages.
  • Typical Uses of O-MI Requests describes and specifies the most commonly used types of operations performed with the O-MI.
  • Error Handling describes how errors should be handled.
  • O-MI XSD Schema details the O-MI XSD Schema.
  • O-MI and XML Schema presents additional information that has been generated from the schema as an aid to understanding.
  • Example Messages contains some example messages.
  • JSON Mapping and Examples shows a possible JSON mapping.