Reference Architectures and Open Group Standards for the Internet of Things – APPENDIX: The London Workshop


The London Workshop was held in the afternoon of April 28, 2016 as part of The Open Group event Boundaryless Information Flow™ – Enabling Digital Business. Titled “The Internet of Things Standards: Interactive Workshop”, it built on presentations given in the morning on The Open Group IoT Standards, the Industrial Internet Reference Architecture (IIRA), the Web of Things, and the IoT Reference Architecture work in ISO/IEC JTC1. It included a presentation on Platform Industrie 4.0, and three workshop sessions that looked at the requirements for standards and discussed the overall IoT standards landscape. The results of the discussion sessions are included in the chapter of this White Paper on Architecting for the Internet of Things.

The participants included representatives of standards development organizations, Enterprise Architecture practices, system and solution vendors, system and solution users (in manufacturing and news industries), governments, and academic institutions.

The participants were mostly architects, and also included people responsible for standards development, consultants, and researchers.

The presentations given before and during the workshop are available to event attendees and The Open Group members from the event website.

The workshop did not produce formal conclusions. This White Paper is the main record of its results.