How can the IT4IT Reference Architecture Help?

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Executives struggle evolve their legacy IT organizations, to run more like the businesses they serve, and make the move towards digital transformation.  CIOs also know that when they don’t think of IT as an enabler of the business, business partners will bypass IT altogether, find alternatives solutions and “going digital” is then next to impossible.

Turning the corner starts with IT having the proper focus on what value IT provides, acutely focusing on maximizing value while minimizing cost and risk, just like any business would.  IT must also be laser focused on deploying or brokering the right strategic services to fuel digital business growth.

IT must be able to embrace new paradigms,  roles and functions that focus on delivering services automatically, removing bureaucracy and bottlenecks along the way and ensuring that interaction with IT is a meaningful experience for IT service consumers. 

Few IT organizations have focused on business outcomes and customer experience, making it even more likely that the businesses will bypass IT altogether.

While the IT4IT Reference Architecture isn’t a silver bullet, it was created to address this very problem and is an important tool for any organization looking to be a digital business.  The IT4IT Reference Architecture uses the Value Stream methodology to evaluate the whole workflow and plays well with modern approaches such as Agile, Lean, DevOps and brokered approaches such as cloud deployment.