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Workshop attendance costs:
R1760 ex VAT for Open Group Members
R2145 ex VAT for Non-members.

From ZERO to SOA - The organisational journey into Service Oriented Architecture

Clive Hatton

This workshop is a practical look at what is needed for establishing a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) capability and how to make SOA work for your organisation. The discussion will take you from a SOA readiness assessment all the way to SOA governance implementation and maintenance. We will explore the following questions along the way:

  1. What is SOA? Are you ready for it?
  2. What do you need to establish a SOA capability? How do you organise for SOA?
  3. Where do you start? How do you identify candidate services?
  4. What kind of models do you need for SOA?
  5. Where do principles, frameworks, reference architectures and standards fit into the picture?
  6. How do you implement SOA?
  7. How do you grow the maturity of your SOA?

Clive HattonClive Hatton

Clive learned his architecture skills in the mainframe systems development environment of the 1980s. It was here that he gained his strong technical experience in the design and development of application systems, software products and software tools, on a wide variety of platforms.

In the early 1990s he led a team that developed a message-oriented middleware product that was portable to multiple operating system and database platforms.

His work as an IT consultant in the financial services industry gave him broad exposure to business analysis and requirements modelling using a variety of modelling techniques.

As principal consultant for the enterprise architecture team of an international IT solutions company, Clive helped clients define solution roadmaps based on business priorities, business value, system dependencies and technology architecture.

In a recent assignment for Real IRM, Clive helped establish an enterprise architecture practice at a blue-chip client in the services industry, and he is developing an information-centric architecture in support of an enterprise-wide CRM project.

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