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Business Capability Management: Your Key to the Business Board Room

Dr. Ulrich Kalex
VP Product Line Management, alfabet

Despite IT's best efforts, it is still getting bad grades from business on its ability to understand the business and execute projects that further the business strategically.

Business Capabilities is an approach to viewing and assessing the enterprise based on business activities – independent of specific existing workflows and organizational silos. Capabilities provide a simple basis for a common view of the business and its supporting IT so that a meaningful dialogue can be initiated that will move all involved parties – IT, Business and Finance – towards a common understanding of what needs to be done to advance the enterprise in a cost-efficient manner.

Find out how Business Capabilities help IT to:

  • find flex points in the business model for adjusting IT support
  • focus IT investment on capabilities critical to business success
  • save on operating costs by turning SLAs to real business requirements
  • articulate strategic intentions and objectives in an action-oriented context

PhotoDr. Ulrich Kalex

Dr. Ulrich Kalex leads alfabet’s product strategy and roadmap division. Prior to joining alfabet in April 2005, he held several positions at i2 Technologies, the most recent being Product Manager Downstream Oil and Gas where he developed solutions for supply chain management in the oil industry.

From 1994 – 1998 Dr. Kalex served as a consultant and developer for various companies such as Numetrix and Monsanto. Previous to this, Dr. Kalex lectured in information technology and mathematics at the Bauhaus University in Weimar, Germany.

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