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Enterprise Architecture and Business Process Management as enablers for Shared Services.

Jan Lategan

The presentation describes the journey that Nedbank’s Corporate Shared Services management team undertook when designing and implementing a new business model.

A number of the bank’s payment back-office functions were moved into a single management structure during 2005/6 and there was a need to introduce a business model that would make the best use of the functional competencies from each of the areas.

The discussion will touch on how the model, initially aligned to products, was changed to become structured into functional components. Jan will elaborate on the difficulties they faced when working out “what belonged where” and how it was decided through applying Enterprise Architecture. The presentation emphasises the importance of aligning strategy with that of the larger organisation, and describes the process of collecting the required information in order to make the correct decisions.

Jan LateganJan Lategan

Jan has worked at Nedbank for 30 years. He was instrumental in the development of Nedbank’s Automated Teller Machine network in the 80’s and started specialising in Payments while running the ATM operation during the early 90’s. He became formally involved in Business Process Engineering in the latter part of the 90’s.

Jan served the banking community during this time as:

  • Chairperson of the National Data Communications Consultative Committee
  • Chairperson of the ATM Payment Clearing House Committee
  • Member of the PCH Task Team that compiled the Payment Clearing House agreements for the  payment streams in the National Payment System

He joined Nedbank Corporate Shared Services towards the end of 2004 to head up the Business Process Management function of the division.

Jan holds a National Diploma in Information Technology, Diploma in Operations Management, is a Certified TOGAF 8 Practitioner and a Certified Process Professional.

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