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From Chief Information Officer to Chief Innovation Officer

Graham McLeod
Founder, Inspired; Chief Architect/Chairman, Promis Ltd

The world is changing more rapidly than ever before. Business models from just five or ten years ago are often obsolete. Change is inevitable. Change is scary. Rapid decisions backed by sound models and data are vital to exploit new opportunities while controlling risk. Too many architects are focussed internally. Too many are reactive. Too many cling to the geek speak comfort zone. We need to lead, but we need to understand the context of business today and the critical factors to get right. We need to connect the broad themes running through today’s world with the structure of our businesses and the processes, applications, information and technology supporting them. We need to create agile and responsive organizations that adapt and that matter. Its a survival thing. This talk offers some insights and recommendations for how to proceed ...

PhotoGraham McLeod

Graham is a thought leader in linking business strategy and IT and has created EA frameworks, methods, techniques and tools to facilitate effective Business Architectures. He straddles innovative executive business thinking and the exploitation of leading edge technologies and phenomena. He consults worldwide with leading organizations.

Graham has taught and presented widely, including at Open Group conferences in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Dublin, San Diego and London. He is a frequent speaker on EA, Strategy, Business Analysis and emerging technologies. He has presented tutorials, keynotes and academic papers worldwide. He taught I.S. at UCT for twelve years, has consulted in Industry for 26 years and has been a general manager for over a decade. He has written books on strategy, data management, project management, system delivery methods and architectures.

He believes passionately in the ability of and need for technology, knowledge and skill to improve organizations and people's lives.

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