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Enterprise Architecture – Why?

Andrew Procter M.Sc (Computer Science), MBL
CIO, Internal Systems, Internet Solutions

This presentation will take a very practical view of Enterprise Architecture and the benefits that we have strived for in the use of Enterprise Architecture at Internet Solutions. The reality is far from the theoretical purist approach to Architecture, but the benefits are very real and tangible, and have been achieved in a relatively short time span of 2 years.

Andrew ProcterAndrew Procter

Andrew has been playing in the Information Technology field in South Africa since being part of the first ever class of Computer Science graduates in South Africa in 1970.

Most of the career space has been as a vendor, firstly in the mini-computer industry from 1971 to 1990 with Perseus. This was followed by 7 years at Ernst & Young in the Management Consulting Services division specializing in Application Development methodologies and tools. Andrew then teamed up with past colleagues to form Software Futures. Some of the product sets that Software Futures were involved in were ARIS and Rochade. During those years, Andrew was involved in dealing with Enterprise Architecture issues in (among others) all four of the large banks in South Africa, most of the large Insurance Companies, and several of SAs largest parastatals.

In the last 4 years Andrew has been with Internet Solutions as CIO for internal systems. He has been facing the challenge of developing a strategy and application for EA for internal use.

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