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Tomorrow never dies - making sure EA survives the man with the golden gun...

André Steffens
Enterprise Architect, Metropolitan Holdings

Enterprise Architecture (EA) has been built on the paradigm of an architect designing a building, but it is becoming apparent that this concept is outdated and that the way an architect operates is more comparable to a spy. Just as a spy has to get the job done by infiltrating and extracting information, architects have to make sure that others deliver information to get the job done. The value of a spy is determined by the quality of information he/she can obtain and the architect must similarly show value by producing quality information the leadership did not know it had.

This presentation is a fun case study that will:

  • highlight the struggle to get knowledge documented in the enterprise (Die another day)
  • show that current EA methodologies lack what is required by business (License to kill)
  • chart a plan to make sure that everybody contributes to EA without realising it (Live and let die)
  • show the value that EA can deliver (Diamonds are forever)
  • get EA into the boardroom (The world is not enough

André SteffensAndré Steffens

André holds a B.Sc (Hons) degree in Computer Science and has been involved in the IT industry for over twenty years. He started as a COBOL programmer on the mainframe at Sasol and was involved in the early days of distributed programming. He was also involved in hardware support for a short while, before he moved to database, data warehouse and general technology research. After four years in the technology research field, he moved to Enterprise Architecture and has been a fulltime architect in various disciplines (data, information, application, integration and security) ever since. He is currently an Enterprise Architect at Metropolitan Holdings, where his main responsibility is to manage the EA process, methodology and repository. He has been involved in the Enterprise Architecture field for more than ten years.

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