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The Role of EA in Sasol's Functional Excellence Program

Peter van Hoof

Functional Excellence (FE) is a Sasol enterprise-wide program aimed at improving functional effectiveness and efficiency, and in doing so, making significant savings for Sasol. The scope of FE encompasses all (support) functions, namely Finance, Supply Chain. Human Resources, Information Management, SHE, Corporate Affairs, Legal & Assurance, and Strategy & Planning.

This presentation establishes the context and positioning of the FE program at the Sasol Group Executive Committee (GEC) level and elaborates on the role that EA has played in the program. It touches on Sasol's EA methodology (with specific focus on the business process methodology) and shows how it has been leveraged in the FE program. Since a significant component of FE is Sasol's SAP consolidation exercise, the presentation will also take a brief look at the interaction between Sasol's business processes and the consolidated ERP environment through SAP Solution Manager.

The main take-away from this discussion is the meaningful role EA can play in the realisation of business strategy.

PhotoPeter van Hoof was born in Antwerp Belgium in 1962. After finishing his schooling in a town named Roodepoort, he completed Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Electronic Engineering. Always having preferred business in general, he supplemented his qualifications with a Masters Degree in Business Leadership.

Over a period of more than 20 years, Peter has been a systems engineer, a business unit manager, a program manager, a business consultant and finally an enterprise architect.

Currently, Peter’s primary accountability is the Business Architecture domain at Sasol.

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