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Reverse Impact of Cloud on Platforms and Architecture

Shripadraj Mujumdar
Senior Architect, Cognizant Technology Solutions, India

Cloud computing promises a dramatically different user experiences with applications, but the reality may be quite different. Applications not specifically engineered to take advantage of the cloud-style infrastructure will deliver similar outcomes to applications deployed on more-traditional infrastructure designs. The systems which are specifically architected, will deliver significant value and, in many cases, dramatically different experiences to their users, due to their highly dynamic nature and their ability to exploit the massive capabilities of cloud-style infrastructure.

This presentation provides perspective on how cloud will impact the present day architectural concerns at various levels like business, enterprise till solution and applications. It also offers perspective on how cloud style apps and infrastructure will commodotize the comuting ability and argues that its not just all about optimization of resources but its also about new style of apps , yielding b! usiness driving capabilities due to open and mash up style adoption

PhotoShripadraj R Mujumdar [Prasanna] is part of Cognizant's Global Technology Office , carries with him an extensive experience of 16 years ,consulting and architecting strategic technology initiatives in Cognizantcorporate and customer programs.He  has been instrumental in inception  of new  service offerings through COEs, Competency & delivery excellence, and in leadership capacity to create high performance technology/domain focused teams.

Shripadraj has done substantial work in India and abroad for few top notch global customers , to provide  technology solutions ,consulting -solving their critical business issues.

Apart from his work interest , he actively participates in blogosphere and is avid reader of science and philosophy .He holds the degree in engineering and has undergone the corporate education program on business leadership

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