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The Open Group London 2013

You can view the Proceedings from this event here.

"Business Transformation in Finance, Government & Healthcare"

Transforming an organization is about fundamental change in the way a business operates.  The Open Group supports business transformation goals by working with suppliers and end-users to establish open, vendor-neutral IT standards that can be used in a cross-section of industries.

Key areas addressed within the diverse industry vertical markets include:

  • Enterprise & Business Architecture
  • Global Supply Chain
  • Risk Management and Information Security
  • Professional Development
  • Open Platform 3.0™ – convergence of modern technologies like Cloud, Social Media, Mobile Computing and Big Data

What you will learn:

  • Enabling business transformation with Enterprise Architecture (EA)
  • How organizations move to an enterprise-centric position that includes a more complete view of the business, of which IT is a part
  • How organizations better achieve their business objectives by adopting EA thinking and processes as part of the enterprise
  • Transformation management principles – making the whole process more a matter of design than chance

Tracks, Tutorials, Workshops & Training

What we will cover in our tracks, tutorials, workshops and training







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