Architecture Forum Agenda - London 2014

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Monday, October 20, 2014

Next Version of TOGAF® Overview Briefing


Meeting Lead: Dave Hornford

  • Review of Next Version of TOGAF genesis, goals & strategy
  • Review of Next Version of TOGAF structure of the standard
  • Review of Next Version of TOGAF project, where are we and what is planned
  • Reminder on how to engage & participate 
  • Review of the Next Version of TOGAF activity at the conference
  • OUTCOME: Common understanding if direction for the Next Version of TOGAF, current situation and how to get involved

TOGAF® Framework and ArchiMate® Modeling Language Harmonization Project


Meeting Lead: William Estrem

  • Welcome and Introductuons
  • Review of Project Harmony Charter and mission
  • Review of project status and results to date
  • Activities to finalize Phase 1
  • Phase 2 Objectives
  • Discussion of means to achieve Phase 2 objectives
  • Discussion of Project continuation
  • Summary
  • Adjourn

Next Version of TOGAF® Business Architecture Workstream


Agenda: TBA

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Next Version of TOGAF® - Part 1 Foundation 


Meeting Lead: Kirk Hansen

  • Review the roadmap to deliver Part 1 Foundation

    • Outcome-Understanding of the roadmap and recommended changes.
  • Review the proposal for the content meta model
    • Outcome-Changes required to the proposal or future discussions required to deliver

Architecture Forum Ecosystem 


Meeting Lead: Mike Lambert


The Architecture Forum approved the establishment of an Eco-System Standing Committee during its governance meeting in August 2014. This session will establish that Standing Committee. One of the first tasks will be the development of a White Paper/Guide descibring the importance of the eco-system in supporting TOGAF as a standard platform for Enterprise Architecture and the resources available to architects to adapt TOGAF to specific contexts. The white paper will define a taxonomy for capturing information, the information to be recorded and agreed terms to be used to establish the status of eco-system resources. Review of the guide will provide the opportunity to gain consensus in these areas. 

  • TOGAF as the standard platform for Enterprise Architecture.
  • Introduction to the Ecosystem Standing Committee
  • Strawman taxonomy for the TOGAF Ecosystem
  • Introduction of initial ecosystem register document (based on exisiting Open Group publications).
  • Next Steps
    • Elections for chair and vice chair
    • Plan for development of white paper/guide
    • Review schedule for initial eco-system register

Next Version of TOGAF® Information Architecture Workstream and Knowledge Architecture Project


Meeting Lead: Robert Weisman

  • Review parts 1, 2 and 3 concept of Operations for Information Architecture

    • Outcome-Identify changes to concepts of Operations
  • Review Version 0.3 of the Information Architecture Part 2 - Draft
    • Incorporating Version 0.2 Architecture Forum Commnets; and 
    • Re-formatted into Common Part 2 Table of Comments
    • Outcome-Identify changes to the draft
  • Discuss Status of Information Architecture Deliverables for Chapter 5
    • Outcome-Identify required changes
  • Present Information Architecture Part 2- Timelines
    • Outcome-Agreement on delivery timeline
  • Knowledge Architecture Project
    • Presentation of Peer Review in AEA Journal and other journals to promote academic involvement
    • Discuss use of grad theses fo Open Group Use/Sponsorship
    • Summarize interest to date from academia and form members R&D groups

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Localization Standing Committee


Meeting Lead: Serge Thorn (Facilitator: Andrew Josey)

Status review of TOGAF Translations initiatives by language:
* Chinese (simplified)        * Chinese (traditional)

* Czech                             * Danish

* Dutch                              * French

* German                           * Hungarian

* Italian                              * Japanese

* Polish                              * Brazilian Portuguese

* Russian                           * Slovak

* Latin Spanish                  * Castilian Spanish

* Croatian                          * Norwegian

* Swedish                          * Turkish

* Vietnamese

Status review of ArchiMate® Translation initiatives by language

Matters to put to the Forum
Other Business

Next Version of TOGAF® - Part 1 Foundation 


Meeting Lead: Kirk Hansen

  • Update on Domains and Security

    • Outcome-Clarity on current state. Recommendations for future work.
  • Review the status of EA Capability Work
    • Outcome-Understanding of EA Capability concepts reviewed so far.
  • Review the building blocks proposal
    • Outcome-Changes required to the proposal or futuren discusssions required to deliver.

Next Version of TOGAF® Technology Architecture


Meeting Lead: Judith Jones

  • Define a case study for the ADM

    • Outcome-Identify appropraite Technology views to support case study
  • Define technology scope - what are the "things" technology?
    • Define scope items to support a roadmap for delivering Technology
    • Define Technology Artifacts - what changes are neccessary
    • Aligning to Business, Data, and Application domains and outputs to support technology solutions
    • Outcome-Scope is identified to deliver a roadmap for delivering Technology Architecture Guide

Architecture Forum Editorial Option

Meeting Lead: Andrew Josey



  • Overview of evolution draft to set the Baseline text for the next version of TOGAF

    • The TOGAF document set
  • Change request review for Evolution draft EV1
    • Volume 1
    • Volume 2
    • Volume 3
  • The Common Introduction chapter
  • Roadmap for traceable change
  • Proposed Draft Plan
  • Discussion
  • Consensus on way forward

Thursday, October 23, 2014 

Architecture Forum Member Meeting


1. Welcome and Introduction (10min)-Call for Meeting Chair - 9am Start

  • New Attendees Introductions

2. Agenda Review & Changes (10min)-Meeting Chair

  1. Fasttrack Disussion - 30 minutes

3. Virtual Governance Minutes review (10min)-Meeting Chair

4A. Staffing Update

4B. Upcoming Election of Forum Chair and Vice Chair (5min)-Forum Director

5. Forum Strategy Quarterly Update (15min)-Meeting Chair

  • Link to the Forum Strategy Update:

6. Project scorecard review (15min)-Meeting Chair

7. TOGAF® Next Version Editorial Option (120min)-Andrew Josey

8. Reports from F2F meetings held this week (15-30min each)

  • May be verbal with materials posted later
  • Deliverables, completeion dates, work plan & issue summary
  • Decisions ratification & other project matters for the forum
  • Q&A with Forum Members
  • Directions to a project from the Forum
  • Approval to continue or decision to stop

8A. Certification Standing Committee (CSC)-Jason Uppal

  • Link:

8B. Localization Standing Committee (LSC)-Serge Thorn

  • Link:

8C. TOGAF® Ecosystem Standing Committee-Mike Lambert

  • Link:

8D. TOGAF 9 Maintenance Project-Andrew Josey

8E. EA Capability Improvement Project-Paul Homan

8F. Capability Based Planning Project-Bill Poole

  • Link:

8G. Harmonization Project-Bill Estrem

  • Link:

8H. Knowledge Architecture Project-Bob Weisman

  • Link:

8I. Next Version of TOGAF Project-TBC

  • Foundation - Kirk Hansen
  • Common Activities - Jacek Presz
  • Tools & Techniques - Andrew Josey
  • Guides
    • Leaders- Sriram Sabesan's delegate
    • Business- Venkat Nambiyur
    • Information- Bob Weisman's delegate
    • Application- TBD
    • Technology- Judith Jones
    • Security- Jim Hietala 
  • Link:

9. Any New Business (15min)

10. Meeting Summary (15min)

  • Action, Consent and Issues from this meeting

    • Members have two weeks to voice objections to these items

11. Close of meeting - no later than 5pm