London 2014: Proceedings - ArchiMate Forum

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ArchiMate® Forum Members' Meeting

Objective of Meeting

The objective of the meeting was to present the work that has been done in the Forum during the last quarter, the state and deliverables from the different projects, and also the new roadmaps and approaches that would lead the Forum work into the months to come.


The following main subjects were covered in the meeting:

  • Boston meeting open action assessment: There is an action still in progress to develop a modeling knowledge base for the ArchiMate standard.
  • A liaison with the OMG is in progress and for that the liaison representative will be Antoine Lonjon and Henry Franken will support the action.
  • The Forum projects were reviewed. Most of them will continue except the BPMN and ArchiMate project, which will be temporarily stopped due to lack of resources and also waiting for the OMG liaison output.
  • For projects like Capability-Based Planning and the second phase of the Harmony project, more resources are needed so a call for participation will be made. The Harmony project has already delivered valuable outputs with two White Papers published and two more that are in the final voting process prior to publication. For the second part of the Harmony project a working session will be held in San Diego looking for alignment with the work that is done for both the TOGAF and ArchiMate standards in their current and next versions.
  • For the Exchange File Format project, the Snapshot for phase one was approved.
  • For the ArchiMate Maintenance project, some of the change requests were presented and the final conclusion was that they could be included in the next version of the standard.
  • Henry Franken showed the next version of ArchiMate proposal, which is based in the next requirements list. It was agreed to move on with the project and that the core team will work in this and the draft will be submitted to the Company Review process.
  • Other issues were raised such as the upcoming Chair and Vice-Chair elections.


  • Projects approved for the next quarter
  • The next version of ArchiMate project will start
  • Consensus items and open actions

Next Steps

  • Members to go over the consensus items and open actions.
  • Continue working in the approved projects and following the consent items.


The meeting materials can be found here (available to members only).