London 2014: Proceedings - Healthcare Forum

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Healthcare Forum

Objective of Meeting

The meeting objectives were to discuss:

  1. The Healthcare Forum charter, V 1.0
  2. Mobile health and interoperability
  3. The Provider Data Directory project
  4. The Federal Health Information Model (FHIM) evaluation project
  5. Brand identity


Forum members reviewed the recently completed Forum charter (available on the Plato member collaboration site) and emphasized the patient (or person)-oriented focus of all of the work the Forum produces. There continues to be much interest in the market-changing potential/likelihood/risk of mHealth and the range of interoperability issues it raises. Members agreed that The Open Group mission of Boundaryless Information Flow™ will be furthered by a new Forum project on healthcare data harmonization. Several brand maps were created and several more are planned. Members and experts spent a number of hours between Monday and Wednesday evaluating the FHIM.


The Forum produced brand maps in the provider and payer domains. The Forum conducted detailed analysis resulting in numerous observations related to two key questions about the FHIM: How good is it? and How useful is it?

Next Steps

  1. Extend brand maps.
  2. Start work on the provider data directory project.
  3. Synthesize observations on the FHIM and take findings back to weekly member meetings with the intention to:
    1. Complete analysis of FHIM
    2. Provide results to US Federal Government
    3. Extend analysis of usefulness of FHIM on an international level
    4. Consider additional work in developing/furthering enterprise standards