London 2014: Proceedings - IT4IT Forum

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IT4IT™ Forum Members' Meeting

Objective of Meeting

The IT4IT Forum has been established by enterprise customers, IT service providers, and tools vendors to help IT departments address the strategic challenges brought about by the changing IT landscape. It will create and drive the adoption of the IT4IT standard to provide a vendor-neutral Reference Architecture that supports management and execution across the IT value chain. The Reference Architecture will enable the provision of data-driven insights that help IT organizations focus on business outcomes while delivering solutions faster and with reduced cost and risk.

The meeting was held to build upon the launch of the IT4IT Forum, and to further the development of the IT4IT Reference Architecture.


The Forum held a series of public sessions to introduce the IT4IT Reference Architecture to other attendees who were not members of the Forum. These took the form of Q&A sessions in which the interested parties were able to interact with the subject matter experts who had contributed to the work done so far.

The members-only part of the Forum meeting consisted of reports out from the Forum's working groups. In addition to the content working groups, the Forum also has a group focused on "outreach". It was decided that going forward this group will focus on "Certification and Adoption", with an important part of the direction being to work on developing appropriate certification programs around the work of the Forum.

Next Steps

The Forum will be publishing a Snapshot of the Reference Architecture, together with several related guidance White Papers, in the next few weeks.

The Forum's working groups will be restructured to focus on the further development of the Technical Standard which is targeted for Q3 2015.