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Help for New Users - Creating a New Organization Account in order to Login

An organization account needs to be established once in order to submit business practices or technologies for certification. There are a number of roles designated within an organization account, the Authorized Signatory, Primary Certification Contact, Alternate Certification Contact, Organization Finance Contact and Organization Marketing Contact. The Authorized Signatory,Primary Certification and Alternate Certification Contacts have the ability to use the certification system to register business practices or technologies. They are denoted as Key Contacts.

In addition, further Technical Contacts may be specified, who may register business practices or technologies but can only manage business practices or technologies that they have registered or which have been assigned to them by a Key Contact.

Please note: only after the procedure described here has been completed and you have received approval by email from the Certification and Verification Authority will your designated Key Contacts be able to proceed to login to the site.

On your first visit to this site you need to complete the following registration information:

  1. Firstly you need a username and password to register your organization, so if you don't yet have one please obtain one from The Open Group's secure web site. After you have created your personal account you should receive confirmation by email of your login and password details. If you already have an account you can proceed immediately to create a New Organization Account.
  2. To create a new organization account you will need to provide:
    1. Details about your organization (name, place of incorporation, address);
    2. The name and contact information for the Authorized Signatory who will authorize your registration;
    3. The name and contact information for the Primary Certification Contact (and preferably an Alternate) who will be the organization's primary contact for all certification-related issues and, along with the Technical Contacts, will be registering business practices and technologies in this system;
    4. The name and contact information for the Organization Financial Contact who will be the contact for any organization-level payment and/or invoicing issues; and
    5. Optionally, the name and contact information for an Organization Marketing Contact who will be the contact for any organization-level marketing-related certification issues.
    6. Finally, you may optionally specify up to four Technical Contacts at this time, although a Key Contact can add and amend these at any later time.
  3. You will need to accept the terms and conditions of certification for entry into the system.
  4. After entry of the above information, this system will send electronic mail to your designated Authorized Signatory who will need to reply by electronic mail. The Certification and Verification Authority will audit the response (usually on the next working day) and if the requirements are met, your organization will be accepted for entry into the Certification system. At this stage the Primary and Alternate Certification Contacts will be sent an email confirming acceptance of your organization registration.

Once the above is complete, your organization will then be able to progress to the next stage. Your Key and Technical contacts will be issued usernames and passwords, so that they can login to enter the registration process using the Login link.
If you encounter difficulties with the login please contact the Certification and Verification Authority.

Read the NSI Certification and Verification Guide and Supplements for further help, or
Return to the NSI Certification Program home page.



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