NSI Requirements Definition for Vendors 1.0
Conformance Requirements

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NSI Requirements Definition for Vendors



When the NSI Certification Logo, along with this label, is used on, or in relation to, a business practice registered as conformant to this Conformance Requirements Document, it must be accompanied by an attribution in the form defined in Schedule 4 of the applicable North American Association of State and Provincial Lotteries Trademark License Agreement.


This Conformance Requirements document is for the business practices of Vendor organizations involved in defining the requirements for products to be produced and delivered to a lottery.

At the start of a project for production of a new product, or updates to an existing product, the requirements for the product are defined and documented to ensure that they are agreed and approved by both the supplier and customer of the system. Requirements definition involves specifying the high-level functional requirements for the product, the overall design of the system, the user interface description the project timeline the quality assurance plans and the acceptance criteria for the product.

The objective of NSI Requirements Definition is to define the process by which requirements are defined, documented, agreed, and approved by the lottery and the vendor, and to identify the specific types of information that need to be specified in each of the following areas:


The conformance requirements for a practice are derived from the Best Practice for Quality Assurance of Product Development in the Lottery Industry: Requirements Definition, Document Number BP0401, April 2004, and any Corrigenda issued against such Best Practice.

A conformant practice must demonstrate that it:

Appendix A of the Best Practice provides a checklist of the mandatory, recommended, and optional requirements. This Appendix should be considered normative with respect to the assigned Practitioner for each requirement, but in the case of any conflict between the content of the checklist and the main body of the Best Practice, the Best Practice shall take precedence.




An assessment report, summarizing the outcome of the assessment process, from an assessor accredited by the Certification and Verification Authority for assessment of conformity to the Best Practice.

Documents, as required by the Certification and Verification Authority from the set defined under Vendor Requirements in Appendix B of the Best Practice, which provide evidence that the Best Practice has been implemented.

A Conformance Statement, which shows how the practice meets the conformance requirements defined above.


As this is the first version of these Conformance Requirements, there are no migration issues.


Copyright 2004-2007 The Open Group, All Rights Reserved
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