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Best wishes for a Happy Holiday season!

The Open Group offices will close at 12:00 (UK) on
Friday, December 23 and re-open on Tuesday, January 3.
The online certification systems will be accessible during this time; however, we will be unable to process certification submissions or respond to support requests until our offices re-open.

Welcome to the NSI Verification Program

The NSI Verification Program provides formal recognition of a lottery organization's conformance to an industry Best Practice or Technical Standard. It is a voluntary program and is open to any lottery organization that has consistently implemented one or more NSI Best Practices or Technical Standards and meets the documented Conformance Requirements for those Best Practices or Technical Standards. A lottery organization may be verified in multiple areas, provided that it meets the applicable set of Conformance Requirements for each area.

The first step in the verification process is to read the Guide to the NSI Certification and Verification Program and Supplements. This document should be read completely prior to attempting to verify a best practice or technology as this document describes the program and the process in its entirety.

The following documents should be read and understood prior to verification, since you will be required to agree to them during that process:

The significant highlights of the verification process are outlined below; further information can be found in the Guide to the NSI Certification and Verification Program and Supplements.

  1. The NSI Verification Program is administered on behalf of the NASPL Standards Initiative (NSI) by its designated Certification and Verification Authority, The Open Group.
  2. Your organization will be granted a license to use the trademark in connection with your business practice or technology when your business practice or technology meets all the requirements for verification as defined in the NSI Certification/Verification Policy and Supplements and your organization has formally agreed to all the required terms.
  3. You must enter into a Certification/Verification Agreement for each business practice or technology registration.
  4. A verified entity is subject to re-verification on a periodic basis as stated in the NSI Certification/Verification Policy and Supplements
  5. All business practice or technology information supplied to the Certification and Verification Authority will be treated as confidential as required by the NSI Certification/Verification Agreement.
  6. The Certification and Verification Authority may, from time to time, request proof that your business practice or technology remains in compliance with the requirements outlined in the conformance requirements as stated in the NSI Certification/Verification Policy and Supplements.

Please see the FAQ for information on how a vendor or other third-party organization may assist your lottery in verification of your technology, such as your Lottery Retailer-Focused Website.

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