Architecture Forum Agenda - London 2013

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The Open Group Architecture Forum Meetings London

Please note that these meetings are Members Only unless explicitly noted.

There are no scheduled Architecture Forum meetings on Saturday and Sunday.

Project meeting / Standing Committee Meeting Planner


14:00-17:30  Next version of TOGAF project meeting

  • Part 1 work stream - Kirk Hansen
    Critique of the Part 1 Smooth Draft and it's GAP analysis


14:00-17:30  Next version of TOGAF project meeting: 

  •  Business Architecture work stream - Mike Walker

    • Business Architecture work stream recap (45mins)

      • Discuss progress to date, BAWS Charter, WS decisions and open items to date
    • Break (10mins)
    • Business Architecture Part 1 Review (1hour)
      • Review and analysis and structure
    • Business Architecture Reference Model Review (30mins)
    • Break (10mins)
    • Content Production Gaps and Remediation (45mins)


08:45-09:30  Localization Standing Committee Meeting - Serge Thorn

(Open Session) 09:30-12:30 EA Capability Improvement Project: EA Best Practice Development  Workshop - Dave Hornford/Paul Homan

14:00-17:30 Next  version of TOGAF

  • 1400 - 1430 update/discussion/critique Security Forum TNSP project  - Ian Dobson
  • 1430 - 1600 Common Activities: critique and comment on a pre-circulated document - Kirk Hansen/Jacek Presz
  • 1600 - 1630 BREAK
  • 1630 - 1730  Information Architecture and Technology Architecture "workshop" Judith Jones/Bob Weisman


08:45-15:30 Architecture Forum Meeting (see below) - Dave Hornford/Peter Haviland

There are no meetings on Friday


The Architecture Forum Meeting Thursday

Meeting Materials (all presenters to upload to the Plato category "Materials London 2013" prior to the meeting)

0845--0850 Agenda overview - Dave Hornford/Peter Haviland

0850--0900 Welcome, new members & introduction

0900-0915 Approval of Minutes from Philadelphia (July), Action Item and Consent list review

  • Minutes
  • Action Items and Consents
  • Action Item REVIEW

0915-0930 Actioning Forum Strategy: Quarterly update

  • Standard report extended to include Projects against strategy
  • TOGAF ecosystem update

0930- 0950 WG/SC Governance Review

0950-1030 Restructure Thursday (Part 1)

  • Our member community is broader-based than it has ever been and we face strong pressure on travel. OUr scarce resource is member-time, and the scarcest resource is face2face member time. The use of one day of face2face time for overview and review may not be the best use of scarce resources.
  • Proposal to switch our governance model from face2face to virtual

1030--1100 Break

1100--1120 Restructure Thursday (Part 2)

  • Continuance of Restructure Thursday

1120 --1150 Next version of TOGAF Publishing & Ecosystem

  • Forum explicitly retained publishing & ecosystem impacts of TOGAF next release from project
  • Consideration of 3 release models & ecosystem impact

1150--1230  Next version of TOGAF project report - Peter Haviland

  • At conference progress review

    • Core decision ratification - review of consent list
    • Consent Log
  • Direction ratification - Roadmap
  • Working with others - Security Forum, Open Platform 3.0, SABSA Institute, ArchiMate Forum

1230--1400 Lunch

1400 - 1430 Other reports from at Conference Activity

  • CSC
  • LSC
  • Projects...

1430 - 1530  Action Item Review, Consent Item Review

  • Placeholder for new business

1530 Close of meeting

*Note: Conference has a scheduled break 1530-1600 if meeting runs long.


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