Accredited Training Course Provider Affiliate Program

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In response to requests from our Accredited Training Course (ATC) Providers, The Open Group has introduced a new Affiliate program that allows ATC Providers to use partner organizations in the delivery of an ATC and to clarify how third parties may be used to market these courses.

As the premier certification authority, The Open Group has introduced this Affiliate program to cover courses for TOGAF® and ArchiMate® (both standards of The Open Group), Open FAIR and any subsequent new programs.

There are currently over 50,000 TOGAF certified individuals in the world and there are 65 accredited courses from 54 organizations – see

What do Affiliates need to do to run ATC courses?

An Affiliate must:

  • Establish or have a business relationship with a provider of an existing ATC.
  • Enter into a Commercial License with The Open Group for commercial use of the standard covered by the course.
  • Enter into an Affiliate Agreement and an Affiliate Trademark License Agreement with The Open Group.
  • If using its own Quality Management System or Trainers, rather than those of the ATC Provider, submit applicable documentation to the Certification Authority as part of the affiliation process.
  • Ensure exam vouchers are purchased for each ATC attendee and provided to such attendee at no additional cost to the attendee.


Q. What is the difference between an Affiliate and a Broker?
A. An affiliate is involved in the delivery of, or supports the delivery of, an ATC. A Broker only helps to promote and market an Accredited Training Course but is not involved at all in the delivery of the course.

Q. Why do Affiliates need a Commercial License?
A. A Commercial License is required for any organization that wishes to use an Open Group standard for commercial purposes. Delivering or supporting the delivery of an ATC is considered a commercial exploitation of an Open Group standard.

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For more information on getting a Training Course Accredited or on becoming an Affiliate of an Accredited Training Course, please contact us via email.