Boston 2014: Proceedings - Security Forum

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Security Forum Members' Meeting

Objective of Meeting

The meeting was held in conjunction with the Boston Open Group conference, and provided project reviews on current projects, as well as development for a couple of projects.


Attendees: Jim Hietala, Dennis Taylor (NASA), Mary Ann Mezzapelle (HP), Yona Shaposnik (HP), Reggie Hammond, Daniel Haynes (Mitre).

Project reviews were provided for the risk project, security automation project, and TNSP project. Additional development and edits were done to the Security Automation white paper, and a joint development workshop was conducted with the Open Platform 3.0™ Forum, to explore security requirements for one of the specific use-cases.

Next Steps

Actions captured during the meeting included:

  • Risk level 2 certification conformance requirements, put in front of enterprise FAIR users (outside of Forum members) for buy-in/input (Jim).
  • Input from Security Forum members that it would be great to open up tools access to FAIR (NASA).
  • Reach out to Hord Tipton (ISC2) re. partnering (Jim).
  • Announce the security services catalog project to the sec-members list (Jim).
  • Talk to IT4IT about the security services catalog project, and how it might fit with their tools/plans (Jim to arrange).
  • Review Data Protections papers, and develop data security charter, if there is sufficient member interest, and an identified member willing to lead the project (Jim).
  • Add Yona and Danny to relevant mail lists (Jim).


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