Business Architecture for Business Change

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Simon Howden, Practice Partner: Global Head of Business Change Services, Wipro Ltd., UK

Business Architecture for Business Change

Simon Howden, Practice Partner: Global Head of Business Change Services, Wipro Ltd., UK

Part 1 – Wipro has developed its own framework for Business Architecture in the 21st century that provides businesses with the ability to plan, optimize and realize change easily and reliably across people, processes, information and systems. To do this Wipro has develop an approach that provides line of sight across the many interactions and complexities that make an organisation; connecting strategic intent to customer value, through business capabilities to business operations and shaping and managing the change investment portfolio to develop successful responses to external market forces and regulation.

Part 2 – A case study where business architecture enabled a large UK insurer to break through its internal boundaries, gain line of sight between the business and IT, re-think its solution strategy and optimize its change portfolio to deliver the desired business outcomes for less investment.

The core policy administration system had numerous outstanding requested changes that could not be implemented because the business cases could not be made. However, there was no common view of what the policy admin system did, how it supported the business and what the impact of the suggested changes would have. The policy admin system was seen as a constraint on the business to the degree that a replacement was suggested to ensure the business strategy could be delivered.

Wipro was able to help the customer develop line of sight from business model to business capabilities to business operations. This line of sight then provided the context within which to understand the real business needs and pain points and to align business and IT perspectives which resulted in a change of direction for the business solution and unlocked much needed systems change investment. Which was then optimized to the business outcomes for less investment.

Key takeaways:

  • Business Architecture Is not just for capturing requirements?
  • Business capability models as the point of alignment for  business and IT perspectives
  • Using business capabilities to optimise investment portfolios

Simon Howden is a senior partner in Wipro’s Global Enterprise Architecture practice and the global lead for the Business Change propositions. A thought leader in business capability planning, business operations optimization and developing EA functions capable of delivering a new, innovative 21st century mission, targeted at managing business capability performance.

An MBCS Chartered IT Professional with over 30 year IT experience who has demonstrated expertise in management consulting through a successful track record of winning and leading strategic change and business transformation consulting engagements across multiple industries.



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