TOGAF® as the Standard Platform for Enterprise Architecture

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Mike Lambert, Fellow of The Open Group

TOGAF® as the Standard Platform for Enterprise Architecture

Mike Lambert, Fellow of The Open Group

By any measure, the TOGAF® 9.1 standard is successful. This is NOT because the standard meets everybody's needs, but because it is fit for purpose as a platform upon which enterprises can build an EA capability which their specific needs.

The TOGAF standard is at the heart of a complex eco-system. Individuals and organizations world wide have developed resources which depend on and complement the TOGAF 9.1 standard.

This presentation will present an initiative to promote this eco-system and to protect its integrity, resulting in the availability of a public register of resources that help enterprises that adopt the TOGAF ADM.

Key takeaways:

  • Whatever the context in which TOGAF is being adopted, there are resources available that can help
  • The success of TOGAF is dependent on the quality of supporting resources.
  • An understanding of the architecture of the TOGAF eco-system is essential in evolving the TOGAF standard

Mike Lambert was one of the pioneers of TOGAF. As Chief Technical Officer for The Open Group, he was the Technical Editor for the IEEE 1003.0 architecture standard in the late 1980s and responsible for the development of TOGAF within The Open Group until the publication of TOGAF 8.

On leaving The Open Group in April 2003, Mike was appointed as the first Fellow of The Open Group, in recognition of his extensive contribution to the development of Open Systems and Architecture.

Between 2005 and 2014, Mike was Chief Technical Officer and Principal Instructor for Architecting-the-Enterprise Ltd., with specific responsibility for the development, delivery and quality of the Architecting-the-Enterprise TOGAF training business.



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