Delivering Architecture for Agility

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Rich Macfarlane, Associate Director, NZ Architecture Lead, EY, New Zealand

Delivering Architecture for Agility

Rich Macfarlane, Associate Director, NZ Architecture Lead, EY, New Zealand

Architecture, by definition, imposes structure, orderliness, compliance and predictability. Agility carries connotations of less structure and greater speed. So, the question arises: in a world of unstructured data and the demand for immediacy from consumers, are the days of a traditional approach to Architecture numbered? Or, given the rate of change, will Architecture provide a more solid foundation from which we can build? These questions are critical. Emerging trends in technology have forced industry leaders to introspect and question their approaches to getting products and service to market. Consumers are demanding more for less, seamless-channel experience and access to value-adding insights. Providers of applications in the ‘cloud’ market an ability to deploy within days and the cost of IT is coming under increasing pressure as storage is seen to become a commodity.

This session seeks to demystify the various arguments, answer some of these questions from the perspective of responsible management action in an era of digital disruption and customer driven demand for continuous and rapid novation. Then we’ll examine what EY has experienced with clients globally and share what worked and what didn’t, and the challenges faced along the way.

Key takeaways:

  • Current world challenges in mixing architecture with agile
  • Management actions to combine both with success
  • Case study experience from various implementations with EY client's globally

Rich Macfarlane is an Associate Director for EY based in Auckland and heads up Architecture Services for EY in New Zealand.  He is a Master Certified Architect through the OpenCA scheme, TOGAF 9.1 Certified and one of the Co-Chairs of the Architecture Forum project to develop the next version of the TOGAF standard.  During the last 14 years, Rich has worked with major organisations internationally at various stages of their transformation journeys in design and architecture roles.



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