Unboiling The Security Ocean

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Mary Ann Mezzapelle, Chief Technologist, Enterprise Security Services, Office of the CTO, HP Enterprise Services

Unboiling The Security Ocean

Mary Ann Mezzapelle, Chief Technologist, Enterprise Security Services, Office of the CTO, HP Enterprise Services

Cyber attacks are relentless.  Too many organizations remain stove-piped in their security approach.  We must cease trying to boil the security ocean and focus on key areas that include Continuous Monitoring, Application Security Lifecycle Management, inclusion of Identity and Access Management in the security decicion-process and not as a separate entity, and cosideration of movement toward Managed Security Services.  This discussion will dive deeper into the demand signals and reasons why these areas are critical.

Key takeaways:

  • Demand signals supporting strengthening in each of these areas
  • Demystifying security

Mary Ann Mezzapelle is chief technologist at HP, responsible for strategy and capability development for HP Enterprise Security Services. She is a business transformation and technology advisor to major clients focusing on security, privacy and risk management. 

She has a proven track record of managing transformation programs for clients, and internally to HP.  In past roles, she was responsible for technology strategy for major clients, global advisory capability development, automation transformation, services strategy development, enterprise technology architecture and security engineering.

Mary Ann has served clients in industries such as consumer, energy, finance, insurance, manufacturing, retail, transportation and travel. She currently serves as the Chair for The Open Group Security Forum and is an Information Systems Security Association (ISSA) Distinguished Fellow. Mezzapelle is an author of HP viewpoint papers, frequent contributor to Information Systems Security Association (ISSA) board activities, and FBI/InfraGard programs. She contributes to the information technology community as a blogger, standards author, conference speaker and CISSP domain coach. Mezzapelle has ITIL, CISSP and CSSLP certifications.

In her spare time, she supports the U.S. troops at home and seeks a cure for T1D (Type 1 Diabetes).



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