An Enterprise Architecture Perspective to Cloud Adoption Dynamics

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Dr. Pallab Saha, Chief Enterprise Architect & Head of Wipro Academy of Enterprise Architecture, Wipro Technologies

An Enterprise Architecture Perspective to Cloud Adoption Dynamics

Dr. Pallab Saha, Chief Enterprise Architect & Head of Wipro Academy of Enterprise Architecture, Wipro Technologies

The Cloud has captured the imagination of the ICT industry. Vendors are falling over one another to announce new offerings. It is being, albeit prematurely, as a successful approach to address concerns in the way IT is both supplied and consumed. To the ordinary, with all the associated hype, Cloud seems more like a lobby than a trend. In this race, both, providers and consumers are skipping essential steps of establishing effective architectures and enforcing a culture of strong governance. This is leading to less than optimal results, followed by cynicism and ridicule. To achieve these high expectations, firms usually face significant obstacles while creating a holistic cloud strategy. A strategy for adopting cloud computing from the perspective of the enterprise architecture and the business fitness must be considered. Defining a robust and scalable architecture is pivotal to the success of cloud computing implementations because it provides a means of communication and coordination between the cloud service providers and the users. Besides the technical capabilities, the architecture should also meet the intended business objectives.

This session:

• Understands if Cloud is really a technology trend disrupting businesses;
• Presents the needed due diligence prior to adoption and fruition of benefits;
• Delineates current state of practice in Cloud maturity and its business implications;
• Explains the dynamics of Cloud Adoption to uncover key issues and concerns;
• Describes an approach to integrate enterprise architecture to cloud / cloud computing; and
• Proposes architectural interventions to enhance effectiveness of Cloud adoption and use.

Dr. Pallab Saha is currently a Chief Architect in WIPRO’s Global Enterprise Architecture Practice. Identified as a Thought Leader by IBM Smart City Connect and Forrester, featured by Forbes and listed as a World-Class speaker by The Open Group, Dr. Saha has published five books. His books, "Handbook of Enterprise Systems Architecture in Practice (2007)"; "Advances in Government Enterprise Architecture (2008)"; "Coherency Management–Architecting the Enterprise for Alignment, Agility and Assurance (2010)"; "Enterprise Architecture for Connected E-Government-Practices and Innovations (2012)" and "A Systemic Perspective to Managing Complexity with Enterprise Architecture (2013)", have made it to the Top Seller list in 2008 & 2009. His work has been translated into Arabic, Korean, Russian & Polish.

Dr. Saha is the primary author of the Methodology for AGency ENTerprise Architecture (MAGENTA) and Government EA Guidebook for the Government of Singapore and has led them to international prominence. He is a two-time recipient of the Microsoft research grant in EA supported by the UN, and a joint recipient of the Land Transport Innovation Fund by the Land Transport Authority of Singapore.

He has advised MINDEF, DSTA, IDA, IHIS, IPOS, CPFB, MUIS, Sing Health, EMA, Govts of Oman & Kazakhstan, and delivered numerous executive programs internationally. He has been invited as a distinguished speaker to the World Bank, CMU, UNU, The Open Group, Microsoft, SAP Labs, Denmark IT Society, Korea Institute for IT Architecture, IEEE, SGGovCamp, Nanyang Business School, George Mason Univ, IIM Bangalore, South Australia, Jordan, UAE, Macau, Korea, Kazakhstan, Colombia, Nepal, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh and several Singapore govt agencies. His work has been cited by the UN, WHO, US DOD, Info-Tech Research Group, Carlsberg and the Open Group and has contributed to the World Bank EA Guidelines for Mongolia, Vietnam & Bangladesh. He has been an examiner for research degree to the UNSW, a visiting researcher to the UNU, an expert reviewer to the ACM EA Tech Pack and an invited guest faculty to the LKY School of Public Policy.

Earlier, as Head of Development he has managed Baxter's offshore centre in Bangalore. He has had engagements in Fortune 100 organizations in various capacities. Dr. Saha holds a Ph.D. in Management (Information Systems) from the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore and has received the best research design and best thesis awards. He is an alumnus of the MIT Sloan Executive Program.



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