Re-imagine, Re-define and Transform the Business using the Digital 5 Forces

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Jitendra Maan, Enterprise Architect and Center of Excellence Lead, Tata Consultancy Services

Re-imagine, Re-define and Transform the Business using the Digital 5 Forces

Jitendra Maan, Enterprise Architect and Center of Excellence Lead, Tata Consultancy Services

Most of the global enterprises are embracing digital 5 forces (big data /analytics, cloud, mobile and pervasive computing, social media and
robotics/AI) to transform their business models, create whole new products and services, improve/innovate business processes, re-define customer segmentation and re-imagine workplaces. These transformation technologies will become central and critical to everything companies do. Companies that can digitize more aspects of their businesses have greater need to digitally re-imagine their business models. Digital re-imagination will become the digital strategy which will create a competitive edge and will differentiate through an engaging and intuitive customer experience across multiple channels – Mobile, Web, Social. Technological advancements around big data and social media analytics are allowing businesses to create and deliver products that are uniquely designed to meet the needs of an individual customer.

This presentation will also talk about the key industry challenges, technology advancements (specifically Big Data and Social media analytics) and how digital solutions can carve out a niche for enterprises to re-imagine their businesses in the new digital economy. It will throw some light on how enterprises can capitalize on digital strategy to create a new level of engagement and also institutionalize a  new digital ecosystem to re-imagine business processes, products and services through collective power of digital five forces by leveraging existing technology investments. Moreover, the presentation would describe the implication of Digital 5 forces on different industry sectors and also highlight key digital initiatives that would top on the chart of various industry segments.

Key takeaways:

  • Understand new digital economy
  • Key Customer challenges due to growing digital devices and channels
  • Trends and approach to empowering digital transformation
  • Key drivers for digital services and solutions
  • How digital technologies impacting to customer business
  • Developing Digital Strategy and roadmap
  • How enterprise architecture to drive digital strategy

Jitendra Maan, a versatile IT professional with 18+ years of wide spectrum of experience across various domains in IT Industry and he is currently working in a leading role to drive Social Computing and Java and Open Source Center of Excellence in HiTech ISU with a sole focus to identify opportunities and position Solutions and Offerings to address customer needs. Jitendra practices technology consulting, enterprise architecture and evangelizes Social initiatives within TCS and has successfully delivered technology solutions for globally distributed clientele. Jitendra has authored several whitepapers published in International Journals and made contributions as a seasoned frequent speaker to various external industry events and international conferences including Open Group Delhi and Bangalore conferences.  Jitendra is a thought leader, a solution architect, a technology consultant, a vibrant speaker and a member of many professional bodies including IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers), PMA (Project Management Associates), Computer Society of India (CSI) - Delhi Chapter, Open Group AEA - Delhi Chapter, Open Group SOA Workgroup, Society of Digital Information and Wireless Communications(DIWC) and Academy of Science and Engineering (ASE). Jitendra is also certified in Project Management (CIPM) by the Project Management Associates (PMA), India and he has successfully achieved the standards of TOGAF 8 Certification program.



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