FACE™ Consortium Conformance Terms and Definitions

Term Defintition


A Software Supplier who is in the process of submitting a Unit of Conformance for FACE Conformance Certification.

Approved Correction

A solution, developed by the owner of the FACE Consortium Product and approved by the Steering Committee, for use in certification on Unit of Conformance while a Problem Report exists.

Business Working Group Configuration Control Board (BWG CCB)

The Consortium CCB responsible for managing and approving changes to the FACE Conformance Program reference documentation, processes, and legal agreements.

Certification Agreement

The agreement between the Applicant and the Certification Authority that defines the certification service to be provided.

Certification Authority (CA)

The organization officially sanctioned to manage the day-to-day operations of the FACE Conformance Program in accordance with the policies defined in this document.

Conformance Requirements

The applicable segment requirements contained within the Technical Standard, as identified in the Conformance Verification Matrix. 

Conformance Statement

The Software Supplier’s documented set of claims describing precisely the way in which the Unit of Conformance meets the Conformance Requirements, including which conditional requirements are supported. It provides a precise identification of the FACE Certified UoC and the environment in which conformance is guaranteed.

Conformance Verification Matrix

Requirements traceability assigning verification methods and conformance artifacts to each requirement within the Technical Standard.



 A correction to a document that fixes errors discovered after the document has been published.

FACE Certified Unit of Conformance (UoC)

A Unit of Conformance that has successfully completed the FACE Conformance Program. The Software Supplier has accepted the Trademark License Agreement, and has been notified in writing by the Certification Authority that the Conformance Requirements have been met.

FACE Conformance Certificate

 A document issued to a Software Supplier formally declaring that a Unit of Conformance, any associated conformant variants, and/or UoC Package has succesfully met the requirements for certification.

FACE Conformance Certification Guide

The document that describes the processes for how a Software Supplier achieves FACE Conformance Certification for a Unit of Conformance. The guide is used in conjunction with the policy document. The guide provides detailed instructions on the steps a Software Supplier must take to get a UoC certified and where to obtain relevant information and documents.

FACE Conformance Test Suite(s)

A test suite that will accept the Unit of Conformance and produce a pass/fail with respect to all Conformance Requirements covered by the test suite plus a detailed report of the test results.

FACE Library

The infrastructure developed to enable the discovery and acquisition of FACE Certified Units of Conformance.

FACE Registry

The single online reference point for listing and managing all FACE Certified Units of Conformance and is the gateway to finding products that are stored in a FACE Product Repository.  It will include descriptions and locations of available FACE Conformant products and the publishable standard licensing terms for each product.

FACE Configuration Control Board (FACE CCB)

One of the entities who will evaluate and resolve a Problem Report (PR), depending on the type of problem reported. The FACE CCB will submit the proposal for an Approved Correction to the Steering Committee.

Software Product Set

The set of deliverables provided by the Software Supplier that is required for executing the Unit of Conformance in the FACE Conformance Test Suite(s).

Software Supplier

A vendor who is interested in, is applying for certification in, or has certified a Unit of Conformance in the FACE Conformance Program. During the period in which a Software Supplier is going through the conformance verification and certification processes to get a UoC certified, the Software Supplier may be referred to as an Applicant.

Steering Committee (SC)

The governing body of the FACE Consortium. The FACE Consortium Steering Committee directs all activities of the FACE Consortium, including approval to submit all Consortium work products to The Open Group for official publication, creating new working groups and approving their charters, and defining and approving roles and responsibilities of the FACE Advisory Board.    It also provides oversight of the FACE Consortium’s alignment with other organizations such as the Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) Control Segment (UCS) Architecture.

Technical Standard

Technical Standard for FACE Reference Architecture.

Technical Working Group Configuration Control Board (TWG CCB)

The group responsible for developing, maintaining, and interpreting the Technical Standard. 

Conformance Tools CCB

The group responsible for maintaining the FACE Conformance Test Suite(s).

Unit of Conformance (UoC)

A single Unit of Portability (UoP), an I/O Service, or an Operating System (OS) that is developed and intended for FACE Conformance Certification.

Unit of Portability (UoP)

Describes a set of software that provides one or more services or mission-level capabilities required for complete and correct execution of that capability (e.g., programming language run-times and application frameworks). 

UoC Package

A valid collection of UoCs that traverse across FACE segments to create a singular software logical entity.

Verification Authority (VA)

The organization(s) officially sanctioned by the Steering Committee to conduct or witness For-the-Record Verification testing and assess the Verification Evidence provided by the Software Supplier in support of the FACE Conformance Program. The VA may be an independent third-party organization or a designated internal, independent organization of the Software Supplier.


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