Existing Accredited Training Course: Submit a change

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New trainers, significant changes in training material, new organization name, contact names, ATC manager name, add a delivery method, add a language, and other major changes, must be submitted within 30 days.

Please follow the steps below:

Step 1: Please download and complete the Change notification checklist Word Document

Step 2: Submit the checklist and supporting documents

Please notify the Certification Authority by sending an email to atc-support(at)opengroup.org containing the checklist. The Training course accreditation checklist, training course material checklist and Conformance Declaration might be required, and can be found on Submit your first training course for accreditation. Supporting documents can be uploaded on to your folder.

Step 3: Pay the fee in the Shop

Description Fee
Fee for each additional course materials language added to a course accreditation. US $1,800 per annum*
Fee for each additional delivery method added to a course accreditation. US $1,200 per annum*

*Pro-rated in the first year to synchronize with the anniversary date of accreditation of the course.

Please note that delivering a training using the web where live interaction with the trainer is possible, is considered the same as classroom delivery.

Certification Authority Actions:

The Certification Authority will check to ensure that all required legal agreements are fully executed, fees have been paid, and all submitted documents are acceptable. An assessor might be required to validate the documentation submitted. The assessor may contact you with questions during the assessment. The Certification Authority will inform you of the outcome.

Once your changed has been approved, it will be made visible on the Accredited Course Register.

For any inquiry, please send an email to atc-support(at)opengroup.org.