Academic Membership

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The Open Group Academic Membership is available to academic faculty at accredited colleges and universities. Our intention is to enable academic members to collaborate on projects that will help to further the IT profession and encourage the development and adoption of open standards.

There are currently over 36 Academic Member organizations from 17 countries around the world. See details of all our members at

Benefits of Membership

As the vendor-neutral, global consortium that leads the development of IT standards, certifications and best practices worldwide, The Open Group actively encourages Academic participation in our Forums and Work Groups.

Members of The Open Group:

  • Have early access to the latest information on IT standards industry developments
  • Network with a world-class community of peers, experts and industry leaders
  • Gain insight for future decisions from both major customers and suppliers of IT
  • Can work collaboratively on mutually beneficial projects
  • Grow professionally, and enhance their credibility as industry thought leaders


There are a number of Forums where there is active participation from Academic Members. They include:

  • Architecture Forum
  • ArchiMate Forum
  • Open Platform 3.0
  • Real-time and Embedded Systems
  • Security


The cost of Academic membership is $1000 for a 1-year period.

For further details, contact membership.


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