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The Open Group Open Sources CTL support for Open Motif

We are pleased to announce in collaboration with IBM the availability of an Open Source version of The Open Group's Complex Text Layout (CTL) technology for Open Motif.

The Complex Text Layout technology enables the display and editing of complex text languages (e.g. Hebrew, Arabic, Thai, Korean) into the Open Motif environment, based on an implementation of the X/Open Portable Layout Services specification. CTL provides support for composed, context sensitive and intermixed bi-directional characters.

Included with the release are the IBM layout_engine and PLS library.

See ftp://openmotif.opengroup.org/pub/openmotif/R2.1.30/bidi/

These enhancements are contributed under the X Window License.


The Open Group gratefully acknowledges the contributors whose contributions have enabled the release of CTL, the layout_engine and PLS library, especially the CTL PST sponsors and IBM.

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