Open Motif Patches

This page contains the patches for Open Motif received in from the supporters of Open Motif .

Many thanks to the folks at the MotifZone (ICS) ( for validating and supplying ptach 1 and patch2 and for Takaaki Nomura and Kevin Holbrook for finding and reporting the first bugs in the distribution.

Many thanks for Metro Link Inc., especially Jim Burmeister, for contributing a substantial number of fixes and enhancements supplied in patch3, patch4 and patch5.

These patches can be obtained from the fixes directory on the official ftp site at

Patch Contents

Patch 1 contains a fix to mwm for a divide by zero problem in the icon box.

Patch 2 contains other various changes to support the build on additional platforms.

Patch 3 contains the Metro Link changes to the Motif libraries, clients, and related files; basically everything except the demo source code.

Patch 4 contains the Metro Link changes to the demo source code.

Patch 5 contains Metro Link updates to all of the stuff under the "config" directory, including the Imake configuration files, imake, and makedepend. The patch brings the configuration up to date with recent versions of XFree86, allowing Open Motif to build cleanly on most current platforms. This patch is optional, since you don't need to update the stuff under "config" if you use ICS's build method of linking in the configuration files installed on your system. Some folks prefer having them part of the Motif build tree, so the patch was created in case others prefer it too.  



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