The Nexus of Forces in Action – Executive Summary


Analysts forecast that the convergence and mutual reinforcement of technologies such as social, cloud, mobile, and big data will revolutionize business and society, disrupting old business models and creating new leaders. IDC has coined the term “third platform” to describe this combination, and forecasts that it will drive 90% of growth in the IT market through 2020.The Open Group shares this perspective and has established the Open Platform 3.0 Forum to look at how these technologies can be used effectively and reliably both in combination (as a platform) and individually. This White Paper contains a set of use-cases, illustrating how these technologies are and can be used in innovative business situations.

Documenting the use-cases achieves several goals:

1.  They serve collectively to provide an illustration of what we mean when we talk about Open Platform 3.0.

2.  They can be used as practical examples in projects, which will look deeper at specific technical or business aspects of the platform.

3.  They can be inspirational for potential consumers by illustrating the value that can be gained.

4.  They can help potential providers understand the market opportunities available to them.

Analysis of these use-cases is the basis of the definition of Open Platform 3.0, which will contribute to the realization of Boundaryless Information Flow by helping enterprises gain business benefit from emerging information technologies.