The Nexus of Forces in Action – Conclusions


The use-cases in this White Paper, and in particular the real business examples, illustrate the scope of the business impact of emerging technologies, and in particular of cloud, social, mobile, big data, and the IoT.

A standard platform will magnify the business benefits by enabling enterprises to use products and services that work together and enable them to deploy the technologies freely and in combination. This is the purpose of Open Platform 3.0.

The general benefits of Open Platform 3.0 are in the combination of existing and new emerging technology and business processes to support enhanced business and technology value. This includes:

  • New revenue sources
  • Enhanced customer loyalty
  • Improved service management
  • Improved sustainability
  • Support economic development
  • Business and IT cost savings

The use-cases in this White Paper provide a basis for the identification of architecture patterns, detailed ecosystems, and requirements for Open Platform 3.0. This will be a foundation for the development of new standards that will support architectures and implementation strategies for enterprises producing or consuming products and services based on the emerging technologies.